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Solving your Sales Process and Technology Challenges

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What your business needs most to grow…

This article was co-written by Kristen McGarr of Adroit Insights and Susan Fennema of Beyond the Chaos. There are two key components to any business… sales and execution. Sure, there are lots of other things like financials, employees and contractors, technology, etc. But without sales and execution, the need for all those other support elements…
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How an ERP + CRM Benefits Your Organization

You’ve done everything right so far, you’ve brought on the best people to round out your leadership team as CFO, CEO, COO, CSMO, etc. Great ideas are flying around and everyone is running their own departments smoothly. Each area has proven and repeatable processes in place and you are on track for success. This is…
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6 Recommendations for Customizing your CRM

A “ready to use” CRM may sound appealing but think twice before jumping in with both feet. Instead, think about using a customized CRM to help increase productivity and be an easier tool for you and your team to use. Custom customer relationship management (CRM) tools are optimized to grow with your businesses, so you…
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Sales Call Success

The follow-up sales call is a vital part of every salesperson’s success. When making that sales call or sending an email, ask yourself these key questions: When, and using what method do you make your sales call? How often should you check-in? What should you say? Should you ask particular questions? What are you looking…
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The Empathetic Sales Rep

Some may say empathy and sales go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. In many cases this is quite true. In fact, an empathetic sales person can develop fast relationships with your clients. However, my daughter is allergic to peanut butter and it could kill her, just like too much empathy could kill your sale.…
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Sales Coaching vs Sales Training

Are you looking for a sales trainer or a sales coach? You might already have an idea in mind of what you are looking for. Did you consider that the answer might be both sales training and sales coaching? Determine which will best meet your needs and increase productivity. Check out the graphic below for…
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Conversational Sales

Conversational Sales is not a new concept, however it is one that few are employing effectively. Customers come to business seeking information and ideas by way of conversation, not just for someone to recite a product spec sheet to them. Conversational sales is all about education. The most important part to remember is that you…
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Build a Sales Process in Five Steps

What is a Sales Process? A sales process is the repeatable set of steps your sales team will take to move a prospect through various stages from initial contact to closing. While there isn’t one sales process that works for every business, there is a formula that everyone can follow. Let’s start with three simple…
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Sales Growth Checkup

Are you treating your business the way you would treat a loved one? Make sure to do a regular health checkup on your business for continued sales growth. Just because a process you implemented was working great three years ago, doesn’t mean it’s still functioning as intended today. As the year comes to a close,…
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Managing Your Sales Leads

Efficiency is important in every business, and especially in Sales. Managing your sales leads can be a burdensome task. However with a CRM, it can be the easiest thing you do each day. CRMs are the most effective way to manage your leads. If you use them properly. What is a CRM? A CRM –…
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