CRM Implementation for Customer Relationship Management Success

Solving your Sales Process and Technology Challenges

A CRM – Customer Relationship Management – tool provides a structured way to track and follow-up with your leads and customers, increasing your overall efficiency. A successful CRM implementation starts with an in-depth look at your sales process and salespeople.

A fully configured CRM is the key to a successful and growing sales force.

Whether you have a CRM that is not as effective as you would like, or you are still using post-it notes and a whiteboard, we will develop a CRM solution for you. There are hundreds of CRMs available with a range of prices from free to several thousand dollars monthly. Figuring out which CRM is best can be an overwhelming task for Sales Managers and Business Owners.

Adroit Insights has the knowledge and experience to select and fully configure the best CRM for you. We work in a variety of CRMs including Active Campaign, Copper, Hubspot, SuiteCRM, Deltek VantagePoint, SugarCRM, AgileCRM, Zoho, Infusionsoft, SalesForce, and several other off-the-shelf and home-grown solutions.

Configure the CRM to make it yours

Off-the-shelf CRMs have come along way, meaning there is no need to build your own. However, for a CRM to be effective for you and your team, it needs to be configured to meet the needs of your business and the people using it. We build out custom workflow automation that aligns with your sales process to create an efficient tool that works for your salespeople.

The CRM tool your salespeople have been asking for

One of the biggest challenges is getting salespeople to fully utilize and update data in the CRM so that management can get the reporting they need. We work directly with your sales team, building a CRM that they want and will be excited about using.

CRMs offer features like email tracking, marketing workflow, birthday and anniversary reminders, tasks alerts, follow-up notifications and many other benefits that make your team more efficient and help them close more deals. The data and reporting that you get from using a CRM is beneficial whether you have ten leads or ten thousand.

Contact us today to learn more about CRM implementation and start building your efficient sales force. Our Services include (NAICS 541511):

  • CRM Software Customization
  • Software Integration
  • Web Design / Recommendation for lead generation efficiency
  • Computer System Software Analysis and Design
  • Data Analysis for CRM Design, Buildout and Implementation
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