Sales Enablement: Why is it important and why do you need it? 

Solving your Sales Process and Technology Challenges

Sales Enablement: Why is it important and why do you need it? 

Sales Enablement – the buzzword businesses mention frequently. But why? Because sales enablement is a process of giving the right resources to your sales team enabling them to close more deals. 

You may figure that for sales teams to achieve more and close more deals, the key is to have better quality leads. But what good are better quality leads when your sales team doesn’t know how to approach them? In fact, 56% of Sales People don’t know if their content is effective.

That’s where Sales Enablement comes in. 

What is Sales Enablement? 

  • It is the way to empower your sales team to close deals faster by providing the right resources they need.  
  • These include email contents, tools to use, sales and marketing training, knowledge, and tips to effectively sell. 

What is the right content for Sales Enablement? 

  • Content designed to educateyour buyer/prospect on the product or service that you are selling, or your industry is always the best. 

How to determine the needs of the buyer? 

  • According to ‘Secrets of Question Based Selling’ by Thomas Freese, “Sellers cannot provide value until the prospect first recognizes the existence of a need. Needs are what initially motivates them to investigate potential solutions and needs are ultimately what motivates them to buy. “
  • The sales team should be taught to find a problem in order to provide a solution. 

How do you get started with Sales Enablement? 

  • Professional Consultants will help you get closer to your Sales Objective and Sales Needs. 
  • Consultants help you bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

Why do we need it? 

  • It helps you maximize your revenue
  • Acquire new customers 
  • To make your sales team more confident and effective

For your sales team to sell effectively, empower and provide them with the right resources and tools. And it’s always a good idea to get an outside advisor to assist you when it comes to your sales needs. If you need help with sales enablement, our fractional sales managers can come in, assist, and efficiently help you continue to focus on your business. Contact us today!