Solving your Sales Process and Technology Challenges

Many businesses lack a unified sales system. A first-rate company-wide sales process makes your entire team better and lessens the reliance on superstars.

There are many benefits to a proven and repeatable company-wide sales process.

  • Improves performance of new hires and low performers by creating a step-by-step system
  • Brings performance of middle-of-pack performers closer to that of top performers as the company system incorporates the best practices and steps used by the best salespeople
  • Makes sales more predictable as the sales process is ‘staged.” By knowing the quantity and quality of prospects at each stage, your sales pipeline will become more accurate.
  • Lowers the cost of onboarding a new salesperson
  • Sales stars can’t hold you hostage anymore because you now have the “formula” for success rather than relying on “black magic”
  • When a sales person leaves, your sales process doesn’t leave with them because you own your sales process

SalesQB uses a proprietary process called SalesMapping™ to discover your best practices and tricks, then turns these into a proven and repeatable sales process.

For more information on the SalesQB process, click here.