Who We Are

Solving your Sales Process and Technology Challenges

Kristen has 20 years of experience as a sales management and business executive for small businesses and Franchise 500 companies. She also has extensive information technology and marketing expertise.

Kristen helps companies source the best technology for their operation. Most small businesses spend too much money on technology that is over-complicated; then never fully use it. Kristen applies her Information Technology background to help small businesses find the best solutions that everyone at the company feels comfortable using. She has led training and coaching sessions around the country helping small business owners establish their operations properly, adding appropriate business lines and learning how to best use the resources available to them. Through Kristen, these small businesses received valuable training on new technology systems enabling staff at all levels and in all job functions to thrive.

As a fractional Chief Revenue Officer, Kristen works with companies’ leadership teams to align Marketing, Sales and Operations for effective and aggressive growth. Kristen’s executive-level work focuses on organizations between $3 million and $30 million in revenue.

In addition to her extensive technology experience, Kristen has spent years as a business and sales coach. She understands that training is giving your best to someone, but coaching is about drawing out the best in someone, and it is in that role, she excels. Kristen has worked with everyone from sailboat captains and gym rats to CEOs and international sales superstars. Kristen can coach all levels of sales staff to be their best by fully leveraging technology and utilizing a custom-designed sales process.

Kristen is a runner, surfer and triathlete. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech and a master’s degree from George Mason University. Having started coaching as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, Kristen now spends her time coaching small business owners and managers in proven sales processes and technology tools to grow their business.

Whether you are looking for someone to help improve your sales process, or you want to completely outsource the sales management function, contact Kristen using the form below. A quick, 10-minute online presentation will help you learn how you business can grow to its full potential.