How to Upgrade your Sales Process

Solving your Sales Process and Technology Challenges

How to Upgrade your Sales Process

Do you have a sales process already documented, or is it just living in your head? There are a few things you need to consider to make your sales process a living document that will have an impact on your business. If you don’t have a sales process yet, check out our article on how to ‘Build a Sales Process in Five Steps.’ Once you have a sales process defined, it’s time to make sure it’s part of every sales person’s day. 

Check out three tools we love for documenting your sales process and keeping it alive:

Integration of Google Drive or SharePoint

Sharing ideas with the team is always a good way to create better processes and ideas. Most great ideas are created when you collaborate with your team. The best thing about file collaboration is better accessibility. A shared word document allows you to create your process in linear steps where the entire team can add comments, questions or recommended changes for everyone to see. 


Lucidchart is a tool where you can collaborate by drawing, creating,revising and sharing charts and diagrams among the team. Lucidchart has helped us a lot in displaying data and discuss a certain topic with the team with the help of charts. 

Lucidchart gives your sales process branches rather than being so linear. Think of this as the visual upgrade to your word doc. This tool helps define and clarify your processes in a diagram among the team and you will be able to recognize the gaps and the workflow. Read more about how Lucidchart works:

Zoho’s Blueprint

We just love Zoho’s Blueprint feature. It is an effective solution for automated your sales process. With the help of the blueprint, you can create a process for automation that you can follow. It can ensure that everyone on your team follows the process as it was designed. Zoho’s blueprint allows the process to have a better workflow, saving time, and getting things done easily. Think of Blueprint as a way to bring your diagramed visual sales process to life with automation. Learn more about Zoho’s Blueprint:

Whether you are looking for full-blown automation, or just getting the steps down on paper so everyone can follow them, these tools are a great starting point to get you there. Just remember, while the foundation of your sales process may remain the same, elements of it will change as your company and team grows. Make sure you have the right tools to support you as you grow and keep the sales process alive for everyone on your team.